Hotel Europa, the abandoned hotel near lake Prespa, Macedonia

During our trip around Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa, we stopped by another deserted Yugoslavian hotel, Hotel Europa in Macedonia.

Nowadays the tourism mainly concentrated to Ohrid and its surrounding, but there are few working hotels and camping even next to the abandoned one near Lake Prespa. We were on our way to hike in the mountains when we drove next to Hotel Europe, the big Soviet sign advertising the entrance. Similarly to other abandoned places, we have been, here also a couple of other people were wandering around the buildings. It was a weekend. The hotel is robbed out, as usual, and has been deserted for few decades, probably since Yugoslavia collapsed, since 2004. There was a major fire in the hotel’s restaurant and after that, it was no longer operational.

Worth to check the place, even if you have limited time. If you are lucky enough, you can even find a bowling alley!

abandoned Hotel Europa, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

The big welcome sign of the hotel.

abandoned Hotel Europa, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

The entrance and the whole hotel is not is so good shape any more.

abandoned Hotel Europa, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

Broken windows.

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  • Laura Osęka

    Hey! The hotel was in use in 2004. There was a major fire in its restaurant and after that it stopped working