Budget trip to Brazil?!

Why Brazil?

Why did we end up in Brazil if we were planning a budget summer trip? It seems a good question, as flying to South America usually isn’t cheap.

We have agreed that we do a cheap, budget trip, and we don’t want to travel far for 1-1.5 month during the summer either. I don’t like long flights and many changes.

It is already a challenge to reach Helsinki (the capital where the flights go abroad from). If we do it in a cheap way, it takes 9-10 hours by bus, and usually an extra sleep at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (so let’s say 15 hours). If you add two flights with one change, it easily adds 18 hours more. So you have been already traveling over a day and you didn’t have a decent sleep. I feel like it is wasting time and money to go too far for such a short time, while there are many other places I would like to explore closer to us. And Karol agreed.

How much did it cost?

We were looking for options closer. Iran seemed nice (and was the furthest we have considered): direct flights from Helsinki for about 350€, visa on arrival, no extra fuss. We have already talked with our Iranian friends and asked about ideas. But then I have just come across an ad of return flights to Brazil that costs even less. From Brussels. But by low-cost airlines, it is less than 50€ to get there from Joensuu. So it is still extra cheap! Iran vs Brazil (the rainforest, a new continent, the Amazon river…). It was an easy decision.

It took about an hour and we have booked our tickets to São Paulo and back. We will have 30 days to explore some part of the country – we have to choose which one!

Why with a small backpack?
Arrival to São Paulo