Why with a small backpack?


We travel with backpacks, I think it is not surprising. Who would like to pull a suitcase by one hand through cities, stairs, boats, muddy, rocky and sandy roads or the seaside…? I’m sure nobody. The first question before all our trips is a big or small backpack?

Both of us like to be prepared for every kind of weather and program, which means a lot of different clothes. I do not use makeup or dress according to the latest fashion, but I still like to have some selection of clothes. And there comes the problem. If I take too much stuff, I will need a big backpack for sure. And that is less convenient and on planes may be an extra cost. Anyway, would I use all my clothes? More than 1-2 times?

I think the general rule that you should not have more clothes for a month than for a weekend trip. Which, usually turns out to me the way that I have much more clothes and electronics for a weekend trip than I take for a longer travel… So I am far from ideal 🙂

Small backpack = flexibility

You can:

  • easily walk more with it than with the big one as it supposed to be quite LIGHT,
  • fit into public transportation without problems (either standing and balancing with your backpack or just keeping it on the floor and try not to block the way…),
  • easier and cheaper to put into lockers (we usually don’t do that!),
  • keep all your belongings with you without a struggle if you are in a place where you would not leave even your dirty clothes unattended,
  • and as I mentioned earlier: CHEAPER tickets on planes.

Telling the truth, we have never been with only a small backpack for a month long trip! Both of us have been earlier traveling with small backpacks, but usually only for few days. My record was 10 days in Indonesia… But once never enough, time to get to Brazil on a budget ticket!

Small backpack and Katalin

Ready for the adventure!

Budget trip to Brazil?!