Abandoned Olympic venues in and around Sarajevo

In 1984 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, hosted the Winter Olympics. It was the first Winter Olympics which was held in a Communist state. Summer Olympics already have been organized in Moscow in 1980. 48 nations competed in 10 different disciplines. The venues were scattered in the city and on the surrounding hills. Most of them you can still find, but many of them are not in use anymore. The Yugoslavian war also left its mark on some of them.

The bobsleigh track and luge track at Mt. Trebević


Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

The ski jumping facility (Igman Olympic Jumps) at Igman

Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

The skating rink (Zetra Ice Rink) in Sarajevo
Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

On the mountain of Bjelašnica near the city is the alpine skiing center

Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

Olympic tower & mascot

Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

Sarajevo Winter Olympics 1984 Yugoslavia

Abandoned Olympic Places Around Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina.

Hiking in the Albanian Alps with a tent
Tirana and the bunkers
  • Kathy James

    This has just reaffirmed in my mind that I have to go back to Sarajevo. I had lunch there when I was passing through and thought that is was an amazing city full of history. Now I want to see this too!
    I can’t believe that it has been abandoned for so long. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jennifer Morrow

    Such a shame to see all of the infrastructure built for 2 weeks of games, then left to non-use. I wonder if these facilities would have had a change at use without the war and conflicts?

    • Sadly Sarajevo is not the only place with abandoned olympic venues. In many countries there was no war, but the facilities are abandoned too.

  • Natalie Tanner

    Aw…it looks like a sad and forlorn place. 🙁 What a waste of such infrastructure! Have not visited Sarajevo, but would love to. Interesting post.

  • There is something so fascinating about these abandoned spaces and once-incredible venues. There are a few of these in Berlin too. I am sure they will find a way to bring it back to its previous splendour or perhaps use the space as something else soon.

  • What an eerie place to visit! I hope the buildings don’t end up like this in London!

  • Aryane @ Valises & Gourmandise

    Sarajevo is so high up on my list! I’ve been dreaming to go for years. Hope I’ll get to see it soon 🙂
    Your photos are great!

  • Ty Janee

    The skate park has a very eerie vibe to it. It looks like a great place for photos though. Gotta love street art.

  • Ivy

    I saw an article in the summer with a list of abandoned Olympic venues and this was on that list! It’s so sad to see how much manpower and money goes into building these places only to be left in the dust 🙁 Still looks like a pretty cool place to check out though.

  • Diana – MVMTblog

    I love visiting Olympic sites when I travel to new places, and this one looks really cool! I love how you can walk down the bobsled track and the graffiti on the track makes it so colorful and full of character. I would love to visit Sarajevo one day.