Bay of Kotor – sea, mountains and history in 1 day

Adriatic seaside, sun, pretty old buildings and tourists. I think the first ones bring the last along.

I have been in Kotor many years ago and that was July! You can imagine the crowd of people strolling along the bay and in the settlements. Surprisingly I still enjoyed it. That was the reason I wanted to show this place to Karol as well and luckily it was almost on our way 🙂

Bay of Kotor from the top

Bay of Kotor from the road.


The water

…is hot! Okay, now in May it was just simply warm. It was very pleasant to swim in it. Even tough it was weekend, not so many people were in the water. Am I attracted too much to every water?!

Kotor bay

It’s all mine!



Its center is UNESCO world heritage as many part of the bay and looks pretty. We liked it much more than Dubrovnik, probably because we could walk without a crowd and I could take pictures with almost no people on them. Yay!

If you are in good shape, you must climb up on the city walls to the chapel and Saint John’s fortress. Of course we did it in the biggest heat, but still survived :)The view is great not only to the city, but also to the bay. And take enough water with you, the sellers keep trying to sell you 0.5l for 2.5€…

The restaurants are quite expensive in the old town (as always), but we decided to have some seafood and beer (at least me, as Karol was driving still a bit after the sightseeing). The waitress was a bit surprised who ordered which drink 🙂


Seafood plate for dinner.

Kotor fortress

Kotor old town.

Kotor fortress

Kotor fortress.

Kotor old town

Kotor old town.

Kotor old town

I liked the roofs.

The road to Lovćen National Park

Let’s not forget about the nature! If you have time, you should walk/hike/drive up to some of the hills around the bay. I can guarantee that you will have stunning view of sunset. The Lovćen National Park can be one of the convenient choice. It it very close to Kotor town as well. A spectacular car road leads up there from the town, through houses of poorer people. First we almost stayed there, but we realized it may not be the best place to stay the night. Luckily we were by car, so we could easily drive further (higher) to find a better place for the night.

That was our quick one day in the bay. If you have more time, you can visit more old towns, have a cruise or just swim whole day!

Kotor bay sunset

Good night!



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