The Best Hotels in Rovaniemi, Finland

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel 

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What are the best hotels in Rovaniemi? Where to stay to be close to the Santa Claus Village? Do you need accommodation in the center of Rovaniemi? Check out this guide to help you book the most suitable accommodation!

Hotels at the center of Rovaniemi

The best option is to stay at the center or close to it if you plan to use public transport only, and you won’t rent a car. The Museums and shops are within walking distance. You only need to take a bus to the Santa Claus Village.

One of the most luxurious hotel in the city center

Arctic Light Hotel
Arctic Light Hotel
Scandic Pohjanhovi Hotel
Scandic Pohjanhovi Hotel
Scandic Pohjanhovi 
Scandic Pohjanhovi
Scandic Pohjanhovi Master Suite
Scandic Pohjanhovi Master Suite
Santa's Hotel
Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Original Sokos Hotel

Budget accommodation and guesthouses near the center and railway station

Are you looking for a budget accommodation to save money for amazing northern light tours and other activities? Don’t forget to read our Aurora Borealis Guide to Lapland.

You can find places up to 15-30 min walk from both the center and the railway station. They are ideal for budget travelers.

  • Berry Apartments – private rooms and apartments with free parking, 20 minutes by walk from the center and railway and bus station, also arranges safaris and tours for guests.
  • Guesthouse Borealis – private rooms near the railway station.
  • Hotel Aakenus – budget hotel near the center

Hostel in the center of Rovaniemi

  • Wherever Hostel – if you travel alone, a bunk bed in the center is probably your best choice.

Near Ounasvaara

Ounasvaara is close to the center (20-30 min walk) yet a good spot for observing the northern lights on your own, or just to enjoy the Finnish nature, snow, and skiing.

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The best holiday villages and resorts to stay

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel 
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Glass Igloos and Luxury accommodations near Rovaniemi, Lapland

Make your Lapland trip memorable and splurge a night or two! Observe the Auroras through the roof of your glass igloo or stay at a treehouse. Most of these places are located a few kilometers away from Rovaniemi, near the Arctic Circle.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel 

Location: Near the Arctic Circle, at SantaPark

Nordic design, winter forest, and (hopefully) magical Auroras just right in front of you! Our number one choice in Rovaniemi.

Snowland Rovaniemi snow igloo
The restaurant at Snowland in Rovaniemi

Snowman World Glass Resort 

Location: Santa Claus Village

How ’bout floor-to-ceiling windows, sauna and a private outdoor hot tub? That sounds perfect for Aurora hunting, doesn’t it?

Arctic Snow Hotel's Snow Igloos in Lapland
Arctic Snow Hotel

Arctic Snow Hotel

Location: Santa Claus Village

Do you want to sleep in a snow igloo? That’s your perfect chance!

Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle 

Location: Santa Claus Village

Santa’s Igloos offer stylish glass-roofed igloos by the Arctic Circle to observe the Northern Lights from your comfy beds.

Arctic Fox Igloos

Location: Ranua

These igloos are located in Ranua, 80 km from Rovaniemi. Ideal if you have a car, and you can visit the famous Arctic Zoo as well!

Nova Skyland Hotel 

Location: Santa Claus Village

Wooden holiday units with a terrace and tall windows to observe the sky.

What to wear in Finland during the winter? 

northern lights green

AirBnBs in Rovaniemi & Hotel Search

Do you prefer to stay in private accommodation? Check out your options on Airbnb and grab our discount code now!

Where to Stay in Rovaniemi

More info about Rovaniemi and Finland

The best hotels in Rovaniemi - Lapland - Finland during the winter. Accommodation | Glass Igloos | Northern Lights | #rovaniemi #hotels #luxury #winter #arcticcircle
The best hotels in Rovaniemi - Lapland - Finland during the winter. Accommodation | Glass Igloos | Northern Lights | #rovaniemi #hotels #luxury #winter

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