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RVs are motor homes that provides you with living accommodation no matter where you are. People in today’s world are also opting for these as permanent residencies. We have traveled a few months in a time in our RV, for example, in Northern Norway, where we visited Nordkapp and the breathtaking Lofoten archipelago, among other magical places. If you travel with kids, too, make sure you have some of these road trip games with you.

RVs are relatively small but easy to look after and are affordable. They can accommodate at least three people at once. To amp up space, you may require some motorhome accessories. These smaller things make your space much more live-able end help you add your touch to the mix. 

RVs can also be great for short trips or camping plans. We put together a list of items you may need for your road trips, but make sure you are packed up with your RV camping supplies with these 12 products. 

SIQUK Store Adjustable Refrigerator or Shelf Rods

With moving accommodation, you will always require a little support from the exterior. There will be walls that need support to hold back any small installment material. Or you may have spices in a rack that need holding back. These require rods that can stick by and easily hold your material in place. It is exactly what these are. An RV gadget every owner should have. A high tension rod that is expandable has a carbon steel material that does not rust and can expand from 15.7-28”. Simply put this in place, and it won’t move because of the traction pads at each end. Check the prices here.

Camco store RV knife holder

You can not have your knives lying around in your moving accommodation. A dump hits, and your knives are flying around. The hazard is too big of a risk. So why even risk it in the first place? The first thing you should do is invest in good RV supplies which keep your space hazard-free, like this knife holder, which can easily be mounted to the walls in a matter of minutes and get your knives organized. These can hold 7 knives and are made of wood. Grab one here! Excellent addition to making your space safe and carefree.

Clara Clark store classy bed sheets – no ironing!

Having a cozy bed to nap in while the older and more responsible people handle the wheel is almost always an essential part of camping or long trips in the RV. But what’s more important than a cozy bed? The things that contribute to making a comfy bed. Like this 6 piece bed sheet is simply put on the bed to make a clean fit. These are fitted sheets that are easily changed and washed when time. The whole set has 4 pillows, 1 flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. All of these are made with high-quality microfiber to make your naps in the moving RV a lot more comfortable and easy. Grab a set now!

Camco store drop-in for RV toilets

Black tanks are a little tricky to handle. You can only fill them up to a certain extent, and you need something to control the stench which may linger around the toilet after you use it. For something as horrid as this, you something powerful and something that works. A good set of RV supplies should have this smell controlling drop-in. These are drop-ins that are citrus-scented, and not only do they make sure your toilet stays smelling fresh but also help break down tissue paper pieces and other nasty material. This contains 30 drop-ins which you can use all month long.
Order it here! 

BougeRV foldable windshield cover

Moving on to the high key, having a good time only to notice the car market besides you is staring at you and your family and making everyone feel weird. When you’re in a comfortable place, you should feel comfortable too. 

For this to happen, you should buy some cool RV stuff that includes black tinted shades that make everything from the outside shut off. They can be put onto your front screen or side mirror to stop the peeling. These can be used by anyone and can simply be added through loop tapes and magnets. This is an easy installation and makes things a lot easier for you. Check it here!

Ritz counter cleaner

Keeping your RV kitchen clean can sometimes be a headache. Everything seems to topple over the counters and fall on the floor easily and has not to traction keeping it down. But there is one thing you won’t have to worry about anymore, and that’s your floor mat. A floor mat that does not slide over to the exit and stays where you put it. The measurements of this mat are 18 by 30 inches, and it’s pretty neat adjusted in front of kitchen sinks. The rug resists stains and is stitched with a durable nylon loop to make it last longer—a great addition to any RV kitchen. Buy one here!

LUXEAR accessories organizer

At this point, you may have realized that the theme to keeping things in place when you own an RV is to stick things to the wall or buy traction pads for the floor. You can also opt for traction rods which can be stuck in place to make sure things don’t topple over. Just as so, this is a shower basket that does not require any drilling nails into walls. It’s an easy stick-to-the-wall situation. You can fill the bucket up with things you prefer and not have to worry about things toppling over.

The basket also carries up to 22lbs of weight which is great for any household. A camping RV can also mimic the feeling you have in your bathroom at home. Enjoy the luxury of comfort while using a motorhome. Check prices here!

Sorfey checkered cloth

A picnic without a table or a laid-out cloth feels like it’s missing something and doesn’t feel authentic. Especially when you’re traveling in an RV, you should always be packed with picnic material at all times. 

A picnic table needs a little table cloth at all times, and it is only natural for the wind to blow the cloth off. To get rid of this headache you can buy a fitted sheet cover which goes on top of the benches and the table itself. This vinyl cover goes over the table and does not fly away. It will stay in place and can easily be wiped down if dirty. Check it out here!

YouCopia bottle organizer

A bottle organizer which keeps bottles stacked up in place to ensure they don’t slide off the other end. This is a two-layer bottle rack made of adjustable steel wires and has a plastic base where the bottles can easily be kept. You can also lower the wires and put in mugs and glasses to keep them organized and very easy to handle. These are easily cleaned and can be taken off and washed under the sink at any point. Check them here!

GRANNY SAYS cloths organizer

A cloth organizer is a must in a small space. You need multiple compartments from getting things jumbled up every other minute, and for this, you should buy something to keep your closet organized. A simple foldable shelf hanging closet can easily be hung from a rod in your wardrobe. It’s a simple shelf compartment that can help you organize. It has three compartments made from polyester fabric which can hold a good amount of weight. It is excellent for everyday use and will help save space once it is not in usage as it is foldable. Order it here!

Kitchen + home store collapsible containers

A set of 4 collapsible containers which can accommodate smaller storage space. They can all go from their original size to double that. They are easily clasped on with their good and are BPA-free. The material is strong and can be washed in the dishwasher easily. If you have quick lunch to fix, you can throw the existing food with the box in the microwave and not have any damage. The silicone food storage containers are great for anyone who has storage issues and wants an innovative solution to solve them. Order them now!

Net gear wifi range extender

Now, this is the real deal when it comes to traveling. The cool RV stuff you would want to own to ensure your children don’t get bored. Well, if you haven’t guessed from the title, it’s a portable wifi router that provides the whole RV with a great wifi connection at all times. All you would require is to plug the thing in and have 1000 sq feet of range. It’s an easy and discreet wifi router that can be easily set up at any time and will only require the touch of a single button. An excellent product for long trips that anyone and everyone should have. Check price here!


These are the few TV supplies that every RV owner should have. All of them can be used while you’re on your picnic or a long trip and can be taken off and then moved back into your house for usage. If you do not need them, you can simply fold, tie, push down and make them into a compact little piece that can easily be stored in an attic or designated place. They’re easy products to handle, which even average house owners can have. 

Cover photo: Airstream Inc. on Unsplash

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