Lodz in Poland: a Photo Diary of Visiting Łódź, the City of Textil and Art

Walking street in the center of Łódz

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Łódź was never on the top of our list to visit, but as we had some spare time after exploring Gdańsk and its surrounding, we had a short, two days long visit there. We also considered stopping in Poznań, but the final choice was the old capital of the textile industry. Łódź was called Polish Manchester, and I just learned that they traded goods all over the world. Although we expected to see an industrial town, Łódź became a center of modern and street art with a small yet pleasant center in the past years.

We have explored two areas in the city. The first was the old town. We stayed there in a cute and cheap hostel. Besides it, we, of course, checked an old industrial district right next to the old town.

Walking in the Well-Preserved Historical City Center of Łódź

Walking street in the center of Łódź: Piotrkowska Street

Piotrkowska Street, Lodz

The buildings in the center, on and around the Piotrkowska Street – the walking street – are the must-see part of the town. They are renovated and we enjoyed strolling along with M during the morning. It was rather empty, cafes and shops preparing for the opening. Only a few cars passed the street while delivering goods.

In the evening the center became busy.  Bars, cafes, an open-air cinema, and other attractions are concentrated in this area and attracted mostly the locals, as tourism is rather small in Łódź. Light shows also catch the passer-by’s attention. Only Karol had a slice of the nightlife as we were sleeping already with M.

A Hungarian restaurant

We bumped into a Hungarian restaurant with M, but unfortunately, we couldn’t check it out. Otherwise the name, ‘Városka’ means a little city, the diminutive of ‘city’ in Hungarian. I am absolutely curious about how it ended up here. Are the owners Hungarians? Or they just love the food. I hope someday I can find out.

Hungarian restaurant at the center of Łódź

The Manufactura

Near the northern edge of Piotrkowska Street, you will find the Manufactura. It’s a re-purposed factory, currently, gives a home to a shopping center. It is full of life as popular shops and services choose this place for their location. The old factory yard is car parking for visitors. And of course, it has some artsy decorations.

The Best Of Lodz: Street Art Everywhere

Statues at the center of Łódź

Besides the pretty 19-20th century buildings, you will find street art everywhere. You will bump into adorable statues along the walking street and graffiti on the old factory walls. Even street lights and fountains have a special appearance. Arty or colorful? You will see both in Łódź, even in the form of a tram stop.

Colorful tram stop at the center of Łódź

Arty fountain at the center of Łódź

Księży Młyn: the Area of Textile Factories


Księży Młyn, the factory district of Łódź

As the city lived from the textile factories, huge complexes were built in Łódź. The second district that we explored is Księży Młyn. It is an old textile factory complex. Not only the big halls were kept, but the buildings where the workers lived. Nowadays other companies occupy these spaces and people working in different industries call those houses as their homes.

Księży Młyn, the factory district of Łódź

You can walk along the factory workers’ houses and other buildings from the textile industry era. The area was quiet as the people were off to work when we were around. And some of the views – like the picture with the drying shirts – helped me imagine that we are a century (or even just 50 years) back in time, and this area is still dominated by the fabric industry.

Where to Stay in Lodz




Off-the-beaten-path guide to Łódź, Poland. The city of textile industry and art. Off-the-beaten-path guide to Łódź, Poland. The city of textile industry and art.

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