What to Wear in Finland During Winter? Tips for Surviving the Cold Weather in Lapland

Winter in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Are you planning a trip to Finland? What to wear during the winter? I had the same worries many years ago, before my very first trip to Finland. I’m from a warmer country (Hungary), where -5°C is considered very cold. I hardly could imagine how -20°C or -30°C feels like. In the Nordic countries life still goes on despite the freezing temperature. You can’t just curl up on your sofa for the whole winter and stay indoors. You would miss the snow and the northern lights, just to mention a few. I will share my tips on clothing that helped me survived my first (and every) winter in the Nordics.

Traveling With a Baby by Car Across Europe (Tips & Tricks)

Exploring Poland

Are you planning a road trip and want the ultimate list of items to take with you? Check out what we packed, bought or used on our 3 months long Europe trip with our baby to make our car travel more comfortable, our daily life easier and our accommodations homier and kid-friendly.