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Easy Blueberry Pie Recipe From Finland

Finnish Blueberry Pie Recipe

We love blueberries. Every summer we spend in Finland, we pick them. A lot of them. These tasty arctic berries became part of our everyday meals and desserts. It’s about 10 years ago when I got this recipe from a good friend in Joensuu, and since then this is my favorite Finnish blueberry pie recipe …

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30+ Must-Try Traditional Hungarian Food 

Hungarian food - Goulash

Hungarian Cuisine and Food Facts As a Hungarian, I can tell you, Hungarian cuisine is heavy, fatty and we eat a lot of meat and sweets. The fundamental parts of Hungarian meals are meat, sausages, paprika (the spice!), onion, dairies and thick vegetable stews. But don’t worry, if you are vegetarian, you will still have …

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7 weird things in Hungary: the look on the Magyar country by a first time visitor from Poland

Low-rise in downtown of Budapest

Hungary is a European country, but it’s at the same time so different from other countries. You can experience culture shock by going there even if you come from the surrounding. The list of weird things that surprised me when I visited Hungary for the first time. Some of the things are cultural and some are from daily life. Anyway, check it out to know what to expect when arriving at Budapest!