The traveling Birdie – episode 4. Exploring the desert (Brazil)

This is a first time! The first time when Birdie has seen desert! And it was a special day for Katalin too, she was also a newbie. We took Birdie to a budget trip to Brazil in July 2015. Besides spending time in the rainforest, we explored some less known places of the country as well.

After our adventures in Amazon we headed to the east coast. Our way took us to Lençóis Maranhenses National Park which is famous in Brazil, but we have just read about the place not so long before our trip. It has unique formations of sand dunes near the coast line. It is not a real desert in geographic sense as it gets a lot of precipitation over the wet season. But when the dry season comes, you can actually feel like you are in the desert!

Birdie was very excited, we had to keep him still and tell him not to roll down on the dunes or jump into the little ponds which were accumulated after the rainy season among the lovely white sand dunes. Swimming was only allowed to the adults 🙂

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