The traveling Birdie – episode 7. On the southernmost point of continental Asia (Singapore)

2014 summer. It was their second time to be in Singapore, but the first for me. I missed the first Southeast Asian adventure in 2013, because I was enjoying Finland too much. But this time Katalin made sure I get on the plane and even took me as far as Sentosa island.

Singapore became their favorite spot after the previous visit. Later, Karol started working there for 4 months, while Katalin just visited it again and again while learning surfing in Indonesia, exploring Taiwan and Malaysia. We had a lot of time to explore the country.

The bottom picture is from the most southern point of Singapore. It is funny that it is called the most southern point of continental Asia. Singapore is an island. This place is on Sentosa (another island) south of Singapore. And you have to approach it on bridges, so one could argue how continental it is. The look-out tower is on a little island away from the sandy beach. Anyway, it is an interesting place to visit, especially if you like observing freight ships arriving or waiting on the sea.

And did I tell you that the sea is hot! Even me got a short dip into it!

– Birdie –

The traveling Birdie in Sentosa, Singapore

Sentosa, freight ship, me, Katalin.

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