Affiliate Programs

We only use affiliate links for products or services that we love and use during our travels. If you click on an affiliate link and purchase a product we may be compensated. This does not increase the amount that you pay for an item or service, should you choose to purchase it through an affiliate link.  We use these links because we spend a lot of time working on the blog and the links are one way we can earn revenue to cover the cost of running the blog. These links appear in posts where they are relevant and we feel like they would benefit you. Thank you for supporting us!


We are part of the Booking.com Affiliate Partner Programme. This means that if you click on the banner ad in my sidebar or on a Booking.com affiliate link on my website, we could earn a commission if you choose to purchase services from them.


If you sign up for Airbnb using our referral link you will get 30-40 € off your first trip and we could receive a travel credit up to 20 € at no extra cost to you.