Bosnia and Herzegovina

What to do in and around Sarajevo if you are bored with the Old Town – Visiting Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sarajevo from above

Sarajevo is a diverse city, a mix of east and west, the mix of religions. You can still observe the remaining scars of the Yugoslavian War, but otherwise, it’s a vivid and colorful place to visit, surrounded by beautiful mountains. In 2016 we have spent a month there while traveling across the Western Balkans. It was such a pleasant stay that we returned to Sarajevo a year after. Check this list of our favorite spots outside of the Old Town to ensure you don’t miss out anything during your holiday. Guaranteed you will enjoy visiting these sight and nature trails. The list starts with the easily accessible sights and ends with the best day trips you can do from Sarajevo.

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Best of Mostar

The Old bridge of Mostar | Day trip from Sarajevo

Mostar is a pretty old town you should not miss if you travel across the Balkans or if you visit Sarajevo. It is ideal for weekend getaways or for one-day excursions as well. We only spent in the town for about 24 hours during our 2-month-long Balkans travel. It wasn’t our favorite place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but definitely worth to explore it if you are around.