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13+ Unique Things to Do with Kids in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Szingapúr

Singapore is a popular holiday destination for families with small and big kids. We collected a list of unusual attractions that will definitely occupy the little ones for a couple of hours. The list is designed for visitors who spend at least a couple of days or a week in Singapore, and eager to go off the beaten path and explore attractions in the residential areas as well.

What to do in and around Sarajevo if you are bored with the Old Town – Visiting Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sarajevo from above

Sarajevo is a diverse city, a mix of east and west, the mix of religions. You can still observe the remaining scars of the Yugoslavian War, but otherwise, it’s a vivid and colorful place to visit, surrounded by beautiful mountains. In 2016 we have spent a month there while traveling across the Western Balkans. It was such a pleasant stay that we returned to Sarajevo a year after. Check this list of our favorite spots outside of the Old Town to ensure you don’t miss out anything during your holiday. Guaranteed you will enjoy visiting these sight and nature trails. The list starts with the easily accessible sights and ends with the best day trips you can do from Sarajevo.

Norway Bucket List: 15+ Unique Things to Do in Norway

Trolltunga hike Norway

Stunning fjords, breath-taking mountains, scenic roads, and rich history. Norway offers a variety of natural and cultural sights to all visitors. You can hike in the snow-capped mountains, visit waterfalls and glaciers, watch the northern lights while emerging into Norwegian nature. If you are a less adventurous type, just hop on one of the spectacular railway lines, or explore a couple of museums while driving across on scenic routes around the fjords or national parks.

We’ve been to Norway 4 times and are still in love with the country. With the help of fellow travel bloggers, we collected the most unique attractions for the best places in Norway that you should add to your bucket list!

Marina Barrage: Kite Flying and Picnic – Singapore

Marina Barrage and one of the best views in Singapore

Marina Barrage is a large green area with a sea barrage that makes the Bay Area calm and pleasant for leisure activities, and itself offers the best opportunity for kite flying in Singapore. It is also an ideal place for picnics and photoshoots with the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Eye, and the Bay with its skyscrapers at the background. It is one of the off the beaten path attractions close to the city center.

Things to do on Pulau Ubin (Ubin Island) in Singapore

Kampong Bukit Coffee Chinese Cemetery @ Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin aka Ubin island is a popular spot for locals to cycle around and explore the old Malaysian villages across the island, but there are numerous things to do across the island. Instead of renting bikes (baby seats are also available), we headed for a walk to the eastern side from the harbor. Don’t miss …

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