Best Travel Resources for Budget Holidays

Are you looking for resources to optimize your travel budget? Who wouldn’t like to save a bit on accommodation and flight? Book a tour on a budget? How about the best car rental deals?

We will help you by summarising our most used websites and services, so you don’t need to surf the web for days to figure out what are the most convenient ways to travel affordably, even as a family.

Disclaimer: some of the below links are affiliate links. Read more here.

Online Purchases


Amazon US | Amazon Germany | Amazon UK

Accommodation hotel deals with often cancelable accommodations.

Airbnb: a budget room or flat rentals with local experience. We can give you a discount on your first stay.

Couchsurfing: we used it a lot (before kids) in Europe and Asia for connecting with locals and often staying at their place.

Transportation & Tours

Get Your Guide – Cheap tours and experiences

Airbnb Experiences offers tours and experiences by locals

Flights and more

Momondo: search engine to look for cheap flights (you can’t book there)

Expedia: book cheap flights, hotels, and more.

Rental car compare prices from different car rental companies

How to earn money?

Rent your extra room on Airbnb – register as a host and get 9€!

If you own a website, consider joining Ezoic Ad Agency  or Skimlinks.

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