About us

The beginning of our travel

Our adventures have started in 2011 when a Hungarian geographer (and now a forester too) and a Polish computer scientist met with each other in Finland. Our common interest in nature, hiking, and sports lead us to great adventures. We have traveled in many countries, mostly in Europe and Southeast Asia, but last summer we also were backpacking in Brazil.

The trips

We usually do backpacking or hiking trips – the Lofoten Islands and the High Tatra our favorites. Time-to-time we go on car trips too, mostly in Europe.

The highlights

Until the end of 2015 we traveled usually 3 months each year. We had one longer trip every year (4-6 weeks) and several shorter. We got engaged on the Amazon river (2015) and got married in the wonderful…psst… let’s keep it secret for a while. The one month backpacking trip in Brazilian Amazon was the first chapter on the blog. In case you prefer winter and snow, you can read a few stories about Finnish winter (understand: also March and April…) activities. We almost every weekend went to the nature, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, or just relaxing in a cabin in the middle of the nowhere…I mean…forest.

One of the biggest steps of our life was in March 2016, besides that we started our blog: we moved out. And we keep moving.

If you are new on our blog, or wondering where to start, check out our most memorable trips (writing is in progress):

We will write about the our past and future travels. The blog is mostly in English, but we add Hungarian and Polish posts and captions to our facebook page. If you are interested in the adventures and challenges we had, the places we have been, how to travel as a couple, how we finance ourselves, follow us! 🙂 Remember to check our appearances in various media where you can find more content in Polish and Hungarian.

Katalin & Karol: traveling and hiking in Finland

Yes, my hair is indeed frozen! It’s not a scarf 😉

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate, contact us!