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About Us: the Beginning

Our adventures have started in 2011 when a Hungarian geographer (and now a forester too) and a Polish computer scientist met with each other in Finland. Our common interest in nature, hiking, and sports lead us to great adventures.

Even the milestones of our personal life were connected to travel. We got engaged on the Amazon river (2015) and got married in a stunning ice chapel in Finnish LaplandOne of the biggest steps of our life was in March 2016. We started our blog when we departed on a digital nomad journey that finished when our first child was born. We settled down again, this time in Finnish Lapland, but we haven’t stop exploring.

Our Life Our Travel Blog

Est. 2016

On the blog we provide road trip ideas to nature-lovers (like you) through multi-day itineraries, hike descriptions, and off the beaten path locations, so you can do and see more than the major sights and most popular hikes.

Road Trips and Hiking

We love road trips and hiking trip. Considering the nature, my (Katalin’s) favorite are the Lofoten Islands in Norway and Karol’s is the High Tatra on the border of Poland and Slovakia. Just don’t ask, which was our favorite road trip, it would be impossible to answer. However, we have listen a couple of them below too. Remember to check them out!

Where to Start

If you are new on our blog or wondering where to start, check out our most memorable trips :

Road Trips


Other Amazing Travel Adventures

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Katalin & Karol: traveling and hiking in Finland
Yes, my hair is indeed frozen! It’s not a scarf 😉

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