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Welcome to our new page! We are a Polish-Hungarian-(kind of Finnish) couple and we have been living in Finland for many years in a town called Joensuu, about 400 km north of Helsinki, quite close to the Russian border. No, it is not Lapland. Finland is big! That is still further north. We are quite far from it, but we have been there many times, so stay tuned!

With this blog, we would like to show a slice of our life that includes a lot of hiking and traveling. We go for many weekend trips around, especially in North-Karelia (Joensuu area), Kainuu and Lapland. Finland is beautiful with its forests and lakes, winter and summer time as well. You just need proper clothes in the winter time and enough mosquito repellent during the summer. We are planning to write about summer hiking trips, winter snowshoeing and skiing trips, ice-swimming and some more! There are numerous fun activities that you can do here during the almost half-year snowy winter.

When we have longer free time (usually summer holidays), we prefer to go abroad. We did have even more time free time when we were both studying and not yet working full time. But the work does not stop us, we still fit a few trips abroad to the tighter schedule as well. We cannot imagine our life without traveling!

A  two-week long car trip through the UK, backpacking in Brazil (that will be our first story here!), hiking in Lofoten-island in Norway, and smaller city trips (for example Oslo, Copenhagen, Budapest, Prague…) were our latest adventures, but we have been earlier (more times) in Southeast-Asian countries so those adventures will appear here as well.

This year’s big trip will also come, but we haven’t decided on the exact plan yet. We like improvising, traveling with a backpack, staying in a tent, Couchsurfing, sometimes a bit hitchhiking, and time to time we look for more luxurious options as well, and trying to combine all these options to find the perfect way.

Let’s start our travel!

Usual winter temperature at Joensuu center

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