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Wonderful Wildlife Encounters in Anchorage

If you have never in your wildest dreams imagined you will be so close to a grizzly bear, imagine again. Anchorage! It happens ALL the time! The most pristine nature in the world is inhabited by the wildest but the world’s most beautiful animals. It feels like time has stopped for everyone else in Alaska’s largest city, but for wildlife.
There are 52 species of mammals in Anchorage and 230 bird species, which is half of the bird species recorded in the entire state. Anchorage residents learn to live with the increasing population of some wild animals, but there have been and will be many wildlife conflicts.

11 Inspiring Stories & Locations for Destination Weddings

Madeira Island wedding Funchal (4)

Destination weddings and elopements are popular among travel enthusiasts and international couples. Who wouldn’t like to say YES to their partner at their dream destination? With fellow bloggers, we all evoked our fond memories of the big day of our lives. Why to have a destination wedding or elope with your partner and closed friends only? The stories will take you from warm sunny beaches through gorgeous mountains to the freezing wilderness.

Read these nine stories from secret elopements in mountains to spectacular destination weddings.