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Finnish Recipe Book: Bring the Taste of Finland to Your Kitchen

an eBook by Katalin Waga

A comprehensive cookbook on how to make the best Finnish recipes on your own, and smuggle a bit of Finland to your home. I can recommend this book to everyone who has been to Finland or to those you are planning to visit the country. The book includes tasty 10 recipes that easy to prepare and a lot of photos.

  • Easy recipes for beginners as well
  • Traditional Finnish taste

Katalin and her husband live in Finland for over a decade. In her ebook, she shares recipes of the tastiest Finnish food and gives tips on how to prepare them easily.

What’s Inside?

Finnish Recipe Book


In addition to the sections listed above, the Our Life Our Travel – Finnish Recipe Book also includes:

  • How to make Finnish Christmas Dessert
  • How to bake the best traditional Finish pastry

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