10 Reasons (& Tips) to Visit Lofoten, Norway during Summer

Peak in Lofoten.

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Lofoten is one of the favorite locations of travelers, photographer and outdoor enthusiasts who visit Norway. Amazing fjords, stunning, green landscapes and long white nights help you to explore it during the summer time. The first time, we visited Lofoten on a road trip from Finland, and the place stole our hearts! We highly recommend you to have a vehicle on the archipelago to explore to its full extent. In case you are cycling in Norway, it is a must-ride route too. Lofoten is a must see location in Norway, this is one of the reason we finished one of our latest trips from Kirkenes also on the Archipelago.

1. Nature is stunning

Steep cliffs, mountains, fjords, and the endless sea. The Lofoten archipelago is one of the unique destinations in Norway.

Tip: take a good camera with you with a spare battery and memory card. We also carry a solar charger. Do you want an outdoor one?

Peaks in Lofoten.

2. You can hike during the white nights

Most of the summertime is bright, the sun barely goes under the horizon. It’s called white nights. The longest days are in June, close to mid-summer, and these considered the best times for hiking too. The most of sunshine and not that much of rain (if you say that, as Lofoten is rather rainy whole year round). Blossoming or simply just green plants colors the hills.

Tip: Wear comfortable shoes. You will walk on several shorter trails, even if you don’t plan hiking. Get a pair of proper hiking shoes, now!

Hiking the ridges in Northern Norway.

3. Watch stunning sunrises

When actually there is nighttime (July and August), beautiful colors and hues arise at dawn.

Tip: Wake up early at least once to see it yourself!

Best sunrise in Lofoten, Norway

4. If you are not a morning person, there are the sunsets too

And the sunsets look like this!

Tip: Grab a beer and enjoy the view! Or take pictures. If you are a pro, do both at once!

Sunset with the Strøksnes lighthouse

5. Sheep and plants

Like everywhere in Norway, you will meet with zillions of sheep and thongs of cute, colorful flowers and plants that you can’t identify but eager to take another macro of them. Really.

Tip: as we planned a lot of hiking, only took the kit lens, but it did pretty well. What do you think?

6. Amazing views of the fjords

Yes, yes, yes! You will never have enough of the fjords in Norway. Here, in the north, they are shallower than near Bergen or Trondheim but are as beautiful as anywhere.

Tip: Rent a car, drive around and make photo stops often! Check out the cheapest options here!

Fjord view.

fjord view in Norway. Lofoten islands.

7. Pitch up your tent with a panorama

Nothing better than free accommodation with such a view! We often use a tent or in Finland free cabins while traveling and hiking across the Nordic countries. We spent a week hiking and staying in a tent around Lofoten, and we loved it. Except once. A storm with strong wind tried to blow our poor soaked tent away from the slope and we needed all our strength to keep it on the ground and above our heads.

Tip: our favorite spot was just right above Å. We spent there two nights in our tent. 

Do you need a tent for your trip? Check these out!

8. You will still see snow!

Don’t let it put you off if you see snow even in July or August. I still believe it is the best time to visit Lofoten during the summer months. This is the leftover from last winter, so the smallest possible amount. At the beginning of autumn, the fresh one comes.

Tip: cannot emphasize good hiking boots!

Snow in August.

Snowy peaks at late summer in Lofoten.

9. You can have any kind of weather on the same day.

Be prepared for sudden weather changes and embrace nature. Even though it is ‘summer’, there is no guarantee for 30°C and sunshine. You rather have an overcast, sunny moment, a bit of rain or fog, while the thermometer won’t rise above 20-25°C.
These photos were taken during our favorite hiking days above Å.

Tip: Water resistant jacket, shoes, and layered clothing, so you can dress up and down as the weather requires.

Fog and hiking around A, Norway.

Sunny hiking around A, Norway.

10. You never want to leave this place.

Never. Ever!

Overview from Lofoten.

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  1. This looks amazing – makes me want to grab my tent and book a flight to Norway!! I visited the Lofoten once as part of a Hurtigruten cruise, but we only really saw it from the sea, so I’ll have to come back. Thanks for sharing all your tips – I’ll take note of that pretty camp spot!

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