The traveling Birdie – episode 3. The best hike of Lofoten Islands (Norway)


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Hiking time! Birdie likes hiking as much as we do! It was not a question that he tags along on our one week trip in Lofoten archipelago, Norway.

Lofoten was one of my dream destination (besides Albania) that I was longing to visit for many years. Luckily it was in one-day driving distance from Joensuu. It was early August, and the weather changed rapidly from one day to another. The temperature was luckily above zero Celsius at least during day time.

Birdie selected his photo spot next to this lake where we slept two nights in tents. The Munkebu hut is in the background, and you can easily reach this place from the nearest settlement, Sørvågen. This was a memorable day, not only because the sun was shining the whole day, but it was the first time ever I have seen rescue helicopter in action. One Belgian hiker injured his ankle and got stuck on the mountain. We met with him when he was sitting in the grass and asking people for help. There was no reception where we found him, but a lady who was climbing up (we were on the way down to a valley) called the rescuers. The helicopter came after an hour and they picked him up. I got surprised how strong wind the copter generated. We were pushed kind of down to the ground.

The good side of the story is that you don’t need to be afraid in Norway, the help will come… if you are able to call the emergency number. I just don’t want to think of the bill!

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