Amazon: the Best Place to Get Engaged!

Rainbow over Amazon. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

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In my previous post, I wrote about the boat and the general happenings, but what about us? Something special happened on our journey.

The Proposal and the Star Trek Ring

On the second day, the daily big rain just arrived and we went up to the top deck to observe it and get a bit soaked (we will dry fast anyway). It was kind of usual to do something spontaneous like this, so I was surprised as Karol started to act unusually.

He seemed tense, nervous and talking about responsibility, which I couldn’t really connect to the rain. Maybe he is drunk…? No.. he pulled out a little box with a ring! A ring from Star Trek! For a sci-fi fan like me, it meant everything! I have never dreamed of anything expensive or fancy, I really appreciated his choice. It was perfect!

Engagement photo: Birdie and the ring. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride
Birdie and the ring

So that was the moment when he asked my hand for marriage! I think no girl could say no to such a lovely proposal in the heart of Amazon! After this, don’t ask me if the way was boring. I got a little bit of booster for the rest of the days. And I couldn’t even call or text the news to anybody for five more days! Next stop: Colombia.

Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride
Our first photo as an engaged couple.
Sunset. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride
Sunsets were beautiful when there was no rain.

Update: We planned something unique for our wedding. After this, it was a basic requirement 😉 We got married next year in an ice chapel in Finnish Lapland.


Do you dream of a romantic proposal? We got engaged on the Amazon River, in Brazil during our one month backpacking trip. We took a 7-day long boat ride from Manaus to Tabatinga. Karol had perfect timing.

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  1. Here in the States they sell tickets at very high prices . Saying everything is closed there in Manual. Is this true?

    1. When we were in Manaus, it was possible to buy boat tickets on the spot, but don’t expect locals speaking English. If you don’t mind Google translate and hand gestures, you can get everything.

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