20+ Inspirational New Zealand Nature Photos (Autumn)

Drinking tea at Milford Sound

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We spent one-month traveling in a campervan using mostly free campsites across New Zealand with our then 1-year-old baby. We explored and hiked beautiful places across both the North and South Island. Here are some of our favorite NZ travel photos. Let’s explore these stunning islands through photography!



New Zealand is full of waterfalls. It would be hard naming them all. We didn’t have any of them specifically on our bucket list, but we kind of stopped at every second waterfall we drove by. Waterfalls are one of the most convenient photography locations in New Zealand.

NZ Waterfalls on the South Island

Waterfalls in New Zealand

Waterfall in NZ

NZ Waterfalls

Best Photo spots for Waterfalls in NZ

Beaches and Coasts

The coasts of New Zealand offer totally different sceneries. Sandy beaches, spectacular rock formations, and everything in between. During the fall you won’t be swimming much (only at the hot water beaches), but you should still add some of them to your itinerary.

3 Sisters Beach

Pinnacles NZ

Cathedral Cove

North Island

More Unique Shores

NZ seaside

Auckland Downtown from one of its Volcano

Auckland is built over a couple of dozens of volcanos and it gives the city a unique outlook.

Auckland from a volcano | New Zealand

Sunsets and Sunrises

The advantages of traveling by a campervan are to watch sunsets and sunrises like these from your bed.

Sunrise and waiting for the seals

Bird at Dawn

Sunset at Mount Cook

Sunset at Mt. Cook

Seals and Sea Lions

Especially on the southern shore of the South Island between Invercargill and Dunedin, you will find numerous spots to observe sea life from a close distance.

Sea Lions in New Zealand

Seals and Sea Lions

Abandoned Places

We love abandoned places, so we had to check out some in NZ as well. Read more on the Janie Sheddon Shipwreck
Location: Motueka

Abandoned ship in NZ


Pancake Rocks and Blowholes

Another unique shore with these spectacular, layered rock formation. Read our complete guide to the Pancake Rocks on the West Coast of the South Island
Location: Punakaiki

Pancake Rocks and Blowholes

Spectacular rock formations

Geysers and Hot Pools


On the North Island, Rotorua and its surroundings are famous for the high number of geysers and post-volcanic activities. Geysers, mud pools, sulfur pots and much more!

Rotorua Hot Pools

Rotorua Geysers and our toddler

Rotorua Geyser

Rotorua town center

Hot pools near Franz Jozef Glacier

This was our favorite (and only) spa we visited. Twice. There are common pools and private ones (we booked the latter) to enjoy the warm water relaxing your body after hiking to the glaciers.

Artificial Hot Pool

Self-made Pools

Our baby either didn’t want to try to natural pools or protesting leaving them. There are beaches and other spots where you can bath for free.

Natural hot pool in the river, New Zealand

Mountains and Glaciers

The South Island has several easy access glaciers that require almost none to medium effort to hike/walk to. The easiest was the Tasman (10-20 minutes of walking with our 1-year-old, while Franz Jozef and the Fox Glaciers required a longer but still rather flat hike. In Europe, you can’t reach a viewpoint like this without major effort (or a cable car).

Tasman Glacier

Hiking to Fox Glacier

Glacier ice New Zealand


Probably the most famous volcano in New Zealand in the background: Tongariro.

The boys at the start of Tongariro crossing

Tongariro volcano

Mountains near the Tasman Glacier, South Island.

Hiking to Fox Glacier

Fjords: Milford Sound

I don’t need to introduce Milford Sound. The sound and fjord in the middle of nowhere (the road was built due to tourism only!). Stunning yet extremely busy spot.

Drinking tea at Milford Sound

Enjoying the trip to Milford Sounds with our family

More Scenery and Nature Photos



Moeraki Boulders, Death Star Rock, NZ


New Zealand is a photographers dream. Full of beautiful photo spots. Here are the most Instagrammable places in New Zealand. From the North Island to the South Island. #newzealand #photography #autumn#fall #nz

Check out the best places to take amazing photos in New Zeland. We visited both the North and South Island during our 1 month long trip. The best photo spots in NZ. #autumn #fall #nz #newzealand #photo #instagrammable

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