The traveling Birdie – episode 9. A warm winter day (Lapland, Finland)

The traveling Birdie on a warm winter day in Lapland, Finland

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Do you always see stunning pictures of Lapland in winter time? The ones that make you think you have to go there immediately? Skiing, snowshoeing pictures with smiling people? Huge amount of snow? I bet you do!

I don’t want to argue with it. Lapland and also most of Finland are absolutely wonderful during winter. One tiny detail you don’t see on the pictures is the temperature. In January and February you will have to survive -20, -30 or even in -40°C. Brrr… But you can take those amazing pictures that you see everywhere! 

Is it always so cold there? You may wonder. No, of course not, in March and April it gets pretty warm, even close to zero. It is warm too if it is cloudy and the snow is falling. Those are the warmest days during the winter. Not the sunny ones. I was warm when my selfie that I want to show you today was taken. My favourite season without any doubts is winter!

This picture was taken in 2016, spring time in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Many days during the winter are like this one was. Cloudy, snowy, dark, low visibility, no sunshine and no possibility to see the northern lights either. Although it does not stop people from spending time outdoors, you will definitely not make your best pictures of your holiday/day.

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