What I Am Doing to Grow My Blogging Business During Self-Isolation

work with kids in self isolation

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As a mom of two (under 3), it is a demanding time to balance between full-time work, blogging and family life. The Coronavirus hit our blog traffic hard, but it helped to shift my focus to different areas to work on. Here is my list of things I’ll work on in the upcoming weeks months while being in self-isolation in Finnish Lapland.


What am I doing to grow my blog during self-isolation?

  • I’m going to update old posts. The very OLD ones. I wrote them before I’ve ever heard about SEO or any other “magic”, so they definitely need a revamp.
  • I’m going to step up my Pinterest game to diversify my traffic. Now it’s 80% from Google.
  • I’m going to design lead magnets and set up correctly my mailing list.
  • I’m going to work on my other two websites that are in baby stages, but I created them with a clear plan.
  • I’m going to lose my sanity. Just kidding, the little ones are adorable. I found balance in family life and work. 😉 I’m going to rest as much as possible and have quality time with my family, so I can focus on blogging without regrets.


Sharing is caring!

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