The traveling Birdie – episode 2. What we haven’t seen in Jakarta (Indonesia)

It is July 2014. The weather is hot, even tough it was raining a lot. Birdie has landed at the airport of Jakarta, Indonesia. The city is huge, full of many lane roads, and it was flooded as well. Luckily we took a taxi to our hotel, otherwise we could not be able to pass some of the streets with dry feet.

It was the last day of Ramadan. Everyone was preparing for the celebration and it was a public holiday as well. We haven’t been too much in Muslim countries before, and it was new for us. In the evening fireworks were everywhere. During the day we wanted to take Birdie up to the National Monument (Monas) on the Freedom Square in the center. It is a 130-ish meter high obelisk, with 35 kg gold on top!

We arrived there 3-4 hours before closing and faced to long queue of families were in front of us due to the holiday. The ticket sellers told that we have no chance to get in (and up), but one of them knew a couple of Polish words to brighten our day.  The National Museum is also in that building, maybe another time we will have more luck visiting them.

In the end, Birdie got a picture from outside! The obelisk and him look pretty together, don’t they?

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