7 Fun Games For Road Trips

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One of the most complicated parts of road trips with families is not about reaching the destination but keeping the members alive and entertained. You can easily entertain your passengers by playing video games on handheld computers such as tablets and phones, but as the road trip is meant to be spent with the family and having some entertaining hours with each other. A family must share some off-screen time on the road trips. You can play some of the old-school games with your family.

We go on road trips all the time. Just to mention a few from the last years: we drove 2 months in Northern Norway from Kirkenes through Nordkapp to Lofoten and spent a month across New Zealand with a toddler. Road trips are fun!

Are you planning a road trip, and you are worried that you will get bored during the journey? Well, we have collected some ideas of the most fun games for road trips that will keep you entertained throughout the trip. Break out these games on your next road trip, and you will have a worth remembering trip for sure.

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 Travel Bingo Set Family Road Trip Game

Bring back the old times with this License plate bingo travel set on your next journey. This game will keep the kids and adults occupied and entertained throughout the road trip. From trucks to mountains and every passing thing, passengers will be able to spot them and complete their Bingo. This travel bingo set is suitable for families and friends. This set includes four useable bingo plates that offer unlimited entertainment for families. The bingo cards are made from high-quality cardboard paper. Every card has a shutter slide that can be easily moved by fingers.

Memory Game 

This game is played by flipping a card and finding the other card matching the previous one. This memory game is one of the best fun games for road trips. This portable game consists of a game board, two scoreboards, and seven game cards. This game is highly portable and can be packed on a single board. This game is highly durable and attractive. This memory game illustrates eye-catching colors which attract children and adult as well. Check it out here!

Melissa and Doug has other awesome stuff for kids too! These activity sticker books for kids are also absolute winners as one of the best road trip entertainments.

I Spy Card Game 

This travel scavenger hunt game (you can buy it here) is a fun car ride game for passengers. It keeps the passenger motivated and entertained. Each player has five cards, and they will try to locate the roadside objects. It has all the “feel it,” hear it,” and “smell it” cards that use all the travel essence and allow the passengers to have every travel sense along the journey. All the cards are packed in a portable tin box so that you can take them anywhere.

Family Conversation Game

This Family Talk conversation game is the best game for road trips. It promotes bonding between the family members. It makes the ride fun and makes it shorter and bearable. This family talk conversation game consists of small cards that you can easily put in your purse, and you can also use it as a keychain while traveling.

The cards contain different questions about your life as it is always fun to talk about each other’s life experiences. It creates an understanding and love between the family members. Also, these questions are fun to ask each other and to get into the minds of your family. Check it out here!

Handheld Water Rings Game – Road Trip Game For Small Kids

Do you remember the water ring goal games that you used to play nonstop in your childhood? Well, you can relive your childhood with this handheld water rings game.

This handheld water game is a 1-player game that keeps you entertained for hours. It can be used to kill time and have fun at the same time. You can play this game during a road trip to keep yourself engaged. You can order it from here.

The Aqua Rings Game comes in a set of two and has eye-catching colors. This water game is highly portable so that you can take it anywhere and everywhere. This game not only entertains but also helps to relieve anxiety and stress. You might be thinking that this is a kid’s game, but this game is suitable for all ages. It provides mental exercise and challenges that can be achieved by concentration.

Travel Game Kit 

This travel game kit consists of the three best games to play in the car. The kit includes one tic-tac-toe, one fishing game, and one triangle game to satisfy every taste. These games keep you occupied and entertained for a long time. We all know that the roads can get bumpy with time. To avoid any inconvenience, this game is made in such a way that it withstands all the harsh turns.

All of the games are small in size so that they can be carried easily in a bag. This game is designed to entertain both kids and adults and keep the players engaged for hours. Also, the game pieces are colorful, so your children can easily be attracted to them. Buy them here!

Activity Books For Road Trips

Regardless of whether you’re on a road trip or in your home, this mini activity book will keep your youngster occupied and weariness under control. This mini-book provides endless fun and entertainment. This book set consists of 12 different activity pads; each consists of 30 pages of magnificent exercises. Children will love the book and its titles.

This book set consists of different games like tic-tac-toe, hidden images, license plate game, connect the dots game and so many other games. These activity gamebooks are easier to carry, and you can easily put them in your bag. Check the content here!


So now, are you ready to go on your next journey along with these fun games for road trips? 

As the road trip involves a lot of traveling and driving so that we have brought you some engaging and fun games that you can easily carry in your purse and make your road trip more exciting and memorable. All of the above-mentioned products are easily available on Amazon so that you can have hustle-free shopping before any road trip.

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