Ice-fishing, a freezing hobby (with a guide how to do it)

Ice-fishing is not only a hobby, even competitions are organized all over Finland! I had the opportunity to try it last spring few times when the temperature wasn’t anymore too low but the ice on the lakes was still thick.

It is more complicated than normal fishing, but you should definitely try if you have a chance! Now the weather is not (so) cold, but the lakes are still frozen.

  1. First, you need an ice-drill! You will have to drill a hole through the ice.
Drilling the hole

Drilling the hole

Drill: Ice-fishing in Lapland, Finland.

The ice drill from closer

2. Prepare your bait (we used little worms, you can buy them in supermarkets, in Finland no need to go to special fishing shop)

3. Start fishing (move the rod up time-to-time). Ice fishing rods are much shorter than normal ones.

Ice-fishing in Lapland, Finland.

Ice-fishing requires a lot of patience

4. Be patient 🙂

Ice-fishing on Pielinen lake

Ice-fishing on Pielinen lake

5. If you did not catch anything in the first 30 minutes, move along and drill a new hole!

In case you see a fish, don’t get too excited and drop it back – I did, – but I was very happy as it was a big one.

The fish caught while ice-fishing in Lapland, Finland.

One that we didn’t lose

6. If you did catch something, enjoy your dinner!

Bon appetit!

Bon appetit!



Step by step guide to ice-fishing in Finland

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