Manaus – Tabatinga, our life on the boat – the best place to get engaged!

In my previous post, I wrote about the ship and crew, but what about us? What did we do on board for such a long time?

Is the boat ride boring?

I don’t need to point out that they view don’t change rapidly on the way. In the beginning, you are excited to see the wide river, the animals, but after a day or two, it will be less and less special.

The locals, who most likely took this way already few (or hundreds of) times in their life, they were resting or sleeping in their hammocks. It is the 21st century, so many of the younger passengers were playing on their phone or watching movies, etc. The boat had electricity and sockets as well, they were usually full around the hammocks, though.

You can also talk, which – in our case was limited, as I already mentioned earlier, and mostly happened during the meals or when we were on the top deck. The people were friendly with us, most of them traveled from Manaus with a lot of newly bought items to their town, village or house. Very few people got aboard on the way, and they usually went only to the next stop. Also, often people bought packages to friends as well, so they just dropped them off in the harbors and they still stayed on the boat.

Sunset on the Amazon. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

People coming to the boat.

In general, not so many things happened during that one week. There was a small buffet (or bar?) but mostly the same few people hung out there. I have read earlier that big parties happen on the boats, but our boat was rather quiet. Only one night was a louder party going on. We aren’t people who party every night, so it was good news!

The buffet was on the top deck and usually, we just went there to observe the river, the houses and settlements around. The water level was still very high, we have seen many flooded concrete buildings, and there were many other wooden ones where people still could live as they were high enough above the water level.

Flooded houses along the Amazon. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

Flooded houses everywhere.

Flooded houses along the Amazon. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

People were living their life still…

Observing wildlife and nature

We have seen mostly birds flying and pink dolphins swimming in the river. Once we even spotted ara. And a lot of unknown blossoming trees. Local people were often fishing around. So it was the view and life everyone expects during a week-long boat ride.

Every day we had a huge pouring rain (actually another day a complete storm as well during the night and morning). It was unexpected to wake up to that weather. The boat was covered with plastic to stop water from pouring onto lower decks.

Rain over Amazon. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

The usual daily rain.

Rainbow over Amazon. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

Rainbow time!

The proposal

On the second day, the daily big rain just arrived and we went up to the top deck to observe it and get a bit soaked (we will dry fast anyway). It was kind of usual to do something spontaneous like this, so I was surprised as Karol started to act unusually.

He seemed tense, nervous and talking about responsibility, which I couldn’t really connect to the rain. Maybe he is drunk…? No.. he pulled out a little box with a ring! A ring from Star Trek! For a sci-fi fan like me, it meant everything! I have never dreamed about anything expensive or fancy, I really appreciated his choice. It was perfect!

Engagement photo: Birdie and the ring. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

Birdie and the ring

So that was the moment when he asked my hand for marriage! I think no girl could say no to such a lovely proposal in the heart of Amazon! After this, don’t ask me if the way was boring. I got a little bit of booster for the rest of the days. And I couldn’t even call or text the news to anybody for five more days! Next stop: Colombia.

Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

Our first photo as an engaged couple.

Sunset. Tabatinga - Manaus boat ride

Sunsets were beautiful when there was no rain.



Do you dream of a romantic proposal? We got engaged on the Amazon River, in Brazil during our one month backpacking trip. We took a 7-day long boat ride from Manaus to Tabatinga. Karol had perfect timing.

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