Is travel to Jordan safe?

jordan female travel safety

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Is it safe to travel to Jordan? For solo travelers? For non-Muslims? Yes, Jordan is a safe country, and I will tell you why!

Is it safe to travel in Jordan?

The short answer is yes. Jordan is a safe country to visit.

It is one of the politically most stable countries in the Middle East. Use your common sense, and you will be fine. I have spent 11 days in Jordan, traveling as a solo white female, so if I was fine, you will be too.

Of course, dress modestly, preferably long trousers, skirts or dresses, and something that covers your shoulders and you will be fine.

Is it safe to Drive in Jordan?

Yes, you can absolutely rent a car and drive in Jordan safely. I rented a car and drove in Jordan for over 10 days without any incidents. Locals don’t use indicators when turning or changing lanes, they may honk or put out their hands, but as soon as you adapt to that, you will be fine.

there are many very good roads, and some, where you need to pay a bit more attention to holes and bumps.

Is it safe for solo females to travel to Jordan?

Based on my and my fellow travel companions’ opinion whom I met on the way, it is perfectly safe to travel in Jordan as a solo female.

You need to dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention – but you can’t escape that totally. However, compared to many western cities, Jordan was calm, there was no cat-calling or harassment, and only people tried to sell their tours or tour guiding activities.

Do I need to cover myself in Jordan?

As a tourist, no, you don’t have to cover your head when visiting Jordan. However, it is advisable to cover your shoulders and your knees as respect to the locals. The main guideline for dressing is modesty.

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