Best travel experiences of 2016

After forest fire, near Helen Lake

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2016 is almost over and we had millions of new adventures almost every day of it. We share the best places we have been this year. It is worth visiting them in 2017 as well!

Our year started in Joensuu (Finland) by planning the upcoming few months. In the beginning of March we made a big step and decided to hit the road. It was scary that time, and to be honest, sometimes it is still scary, but I would do the same again and again.

After a short detour (called: wedding) to Lapland we headed to the Balkans through Poland and Hungary. After we’ve left Finland, we started our digital nomad experience in the Balkans.

We had weekend hiking trips to different mountains (mainly), but we also added some more abandoned places to our ‘visited’ list. The most memorable place was the bay of abandoned hotels on the Croatian seaside. A bit spooky, a bit windy, but definitely one of the coolest places we’ve ever slept! Yes, we squatted in one of the ruined hotels!

The other remarkable (and much warmer) part of the Balkanian summer was the road trip on the Albanian coast. We visited the cleanest and more remote beaches, slept in tent and enjoyed the crystal clear water and hot weather. But they are getting more and more touristy. We’ve seen a lot of constructions of hotels on the seaside… so if you are still thinking about going to Albania, do it as soon as you can!

Later we spent some time in Czech Republic. Katalin had some work related stuffs there. Besides Prague we spent time in the Moravian hills – a less known part of the country. It is a perfect place for cycling trips and visiting cute little towns with their breweries – if you are up to it!

The next remarkable event was our friends’ wedding at Lapland. Reindeer, mires, hills and a little slice of Finnish culture. And of course we hiked a bit in the national parks too.

In August we moved to Canada. Again, the reason for the travel was Katalin’s work. We spend the first hot then very rainy and foggy autumn in British Columbia, hiking on the weekends and working on weekdays. Well, sometimes working on weekends too.

We could explore the nature around. Even had a trip to the Rocky Mountains. They are as amazing as we expected them to be. We had pretty much snow in the beginning of October already, but the views and glaciers were worth suffering the cold weather! Actually for glaciers it is enough to go one hour by car from Vancouver… Don’t forget, there is free admission to national parks in Canada during 2017.

By the end of the year we relocated back to the old continent. We spent the Christmas in Hungary –  which is kind of new for us, as we never went home for the holiday during the last 5 or 6 years.This year it is a bit different. We also have some exciting news to share soon about next year’s plan. Very, very soon!

In the meantime, we wish you a Happy New Year, Dear Readers! 🙂 Eat a lot of yummy food, plan your future adventures and realize all of them!



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